It's hard to stay current on ever-evolving techniques and teaching styles.

We're here to help with a variety of courses taught by former educators, administrators, and education researchers offering practical tips and inspiration to help you get the most out of your learning environments. This phase is ready when you are - take as much or as little time as you need, before, or after installation to inspire or train.

Innovative learning spaces require innovative instructional strategies, and vice versa. Our experts can provide strategies and best practices to build and nurture learning environments that foster a positive culture, collaboration, and student-centered learning. Because we know that when learning spaces transform into places where it's safe to explore and discover, students flourish.

Here are just some of the professional development workshops we have available. Contact us to explore all the options or discuss a customized option for your school.

Designing Innovative Learning Spaces (Item #2029111)
Full Day, Face-to-Face Course: Helps teachers collaboratively investigate, research, resources, and practice around creating and using student-centered learning spaces. Explore best practice and apply it to contexts. Prototype ideas for agile learning spaces and identify future plans.

Culture and Climate in the Student-Centered Classroom (Item #2029117)
Full Day, Face-to-Face Course: Explores research and examples of best practice in classroom culture. Time and space is included to develop personalized strategies to try out in classrooms, working as a cohort to brainstorm, ideate, and provide feedback.

Incorporating Authentic Student Voice and Choice in the Classroom (Item #2029116)
Half Day, Face-to-Face Course: Offers a variety of approaches that establishes a culture of student voice and choice, as well as strategies for managing those structures in the classroom.

Building a Culture of Collaboration
Half Day, Zoom/Skype or Face-to-Face Course (Item #2029114)
Collaboration is at the top of the list of skills that 21st century employers look for. This workshop will provide teachers with an opportunity to do a deep dive into the competencies that are central to collaboration.
Full Day, Zoom/Skype or Face-to-Face Course (Item #2029115)
Teachers will also explore ways to build collaboration, and engage in a design challenge to outline how they will build structures for collaboration in their own classrooms.

Instructional Strategies for Innovative Learning (Item #2029113)
Online Course: Innovative learning spaces require innovative instructional strategies, and vice versa. Experience a variety of instructional delivery methods that support student-centered learning and build 21st century skills.