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Item #: 4000309

NeoRok stools are ergonomically designed, lightweight, and easily transported. This adjustable height seat is designed to keep kids active while seated through a gentle wobble motion to promote focus and calm.

Item #: 4000225
$2,926.95 - $3,405.95
$2,195.21 - $2,554.46

Add a playful design to your classroom furniture with this NeoLounge Sunflower flexible seating solution. Comes in a set of seven pieces to be used as a seat, a footrest, or a surface to fit your dynamic space.

Item #: 4000027

Relax into this comfortable soft seating piece, or use as a footstool. Combine with other shapes for a fun arrangement.

Item #: 4000040
$426.95 - $667.95
$320.21 - $500.96

This kidney-shaped activity table is perfect for dynamic classrooms that need an easy-to-reconfigure classroom furniture solution. Arrange to fit your space and your students' learning and collaboration style.

Item #: 4000166

This soft seating pad is specifically scaled for young learners looking for a high-quality yet comfortable floor seat. Can be used alone or with multiple pads to create agile, adaptable classroom experience.

Item #: 4000223
$295.95 - $430.95
$221.96 - $323.21

This NeoLounge Rocker Ottoman allows students to sink into comfort while rocking in place, a soothing motion perfect for quiet spaces or reading rooms. Comes in a variety of colors and sizes to best fit your space.

Item #: 4000224
$2,609.95 - $2,739.95
$1,957.46 - $2,054.96

Foam furniture and sets are a simple way to add a fun and creative group learning area in any classroom, atrium, media center, library or administration offices.

Item #: 4000317
$1,445.95 - $1,975.95
$1,084.46 - $1,481.96

Classroom Select Geode Cabinets are a durable yet intuitive storage solution, providing high-quality and easy organization for educational spaces that need a mobile option.

Item #: 4000354
$292.95 - $326.95
$219.71 - $245.21

Allowing students to move is proven to enhance focus, concentration, and attentiveness in the classroom. The durable yet comfortable NeoMove Chair is your solution to safe and comfortable student movement.

Item #: 4000355
$446.95 - $532.95
$335.21 - $399.71

Students can choose how they learn best - sitting or standing - with this versatile Sit or Stand desk. Available in a variety of colors and materials to best fit your space.

Item #: 4000371
$962.95 - $1,188.95
$722.21 - $891.71

The "write" markerboard for learning and fun! This dynamic whiteboard on wheels allows students to draw, add messages, brainstorm, or solve problems directly on the multiple dry erase surfaces.

Item #: 4000379

Like an egg chair, but active and for the floor! Equal parts relaxing and rejuvenating, this scoop chair offers a comfortable place to settle in while seated, while also allowing room to stretch the legs and gently rock back and forth.

Item #: 4001719
$152.95 - $266.95
$114.71 - $200.21

The Royal Seating 1600 Open Front Desk allows for a more accessible seating solution with a wider opening, allowing more legroom for students who need larger seating options.

Item #: 411288

With plenty of storage, removable paint trays and spill-proof caps on the paint pots, keeping things clean and tidy is a cinch with this art easel.