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No-cost design through installation and beyond.

Using our exclusive 6-Essential Design Elements process, our team of in-house designers and learning environment specialists can work with you to create comprehensive ecosystems that equip and inspire every student, from birth to grade 12. We can provide training on the latest educational trends and methods, too. We’ve done this for thousands of school building projects over the past two decades. And we’d love to do all of this for you.

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We have identified 6-Essential Design Elements critical to support dynamic, modern learning environments. These are the guiding principles we use to transform any space into a future-ready learning environment.


When kids can choose, they get engaged. Offer tables with variable heights, lots of soft seating, and a range of colors that inspire.


When students are comfortable and confident enough to explore and discover, they learn better. Create spaces with ergonomic furniture, maximum-efficiency lighting, optimal air quality and temperature and watch them go.


One space can fit all. Learning spaces can, and should, adjust across modes and activities. Select furniture you can remix and rearrange to meet everyone’s needs.


Collaboration is the power that fuels social energy. Create spaces that encourage interaction between students, teachers, peers, and ideas.


Engage the body and you engage the whole student. Active learning design doesn’t just allow physical movement, it helps the mind swivel to attention, encouraging thinking, focus, and exploration.


It’s everywhere… and that’s where students need to be able to use it. Wire and equip rooms to allow for learning and charging everywhere.

A Partner Every Step of the Way

To learn more about our Projects by Design cost-saving, turnkey solution, please contact us. We’d love to create future-ready learning spaces with you.