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Fall Catalogs

2021 Classroom Resources Fall Catalog

Discover solutions to support students’ well-being and help address unfinished learning, plus classroom essentials from safety to supplies.

2021 Learning Environments Furniture & Equipment Fall Catalog

Find new products for today’s needs from Classroom Select®, flexible seating solutions and get inspired at the possibilities for cafeterias. Discover incredible new clean air technologies.

2021 Arts & Crafts Fall Catalog

Count on Sax for an extensive selection from paints to art paper, ceramics, printmaking, art furniture as well as bundles to help make fueling creativity convenient.

2021 Early Childhood Fall Catalog

As funding and resources grow, count on Childcraft to offer the comprehensive solution you’ll need for every aspect of early education - from furniture to storage, play, art, inclusion and so much more.

2021 Physical Education Health & Wellness Fall Catalog

From volleyballs to basketballs, nutrition guides to nets, we’ll help you get all you need to ensure your students get all they can out of Physical Education and Physical Activity.

2021 STEAM Fall Catalog

We offer you a well-rounded selection of the latest STEAM resources – from Pre-K to grade 12, from robotics and coding to engineering and art integration. You’ll find everything you need to fill your STEM lab and fuel their discovery.

2021 Curriculum Fall Catalog

Learn about our reading intervention program, S.P.I.R.E. and Catch Up With Coach, designed to address unfinished learning. See how we can help support your district plans with our Move Learning Forward initiative.

Annual Catalogs

2021-2022 Education Essentials Catalog

From supplies to safety to SEL. For in school, remote or hybrid learning. You’ll find smart solutions in every category in these pages as well as a constantly updated selection online.

2021-2022 Classroom Resources Catalog

From instructional resources and classroom supplies to special needs and PE… for in school or at home… find solutions in these pages as well as a constantly updated selection online.

2021-2022 Office Supplies Catalog

Your comprehensive resource for all things office supplies. Our School Specialty Office Supplies catalog provides an exceptional selection of products for all of your business, classroom and home office needs.

2021-2022 Learning Environments Furniture & Equipment Catalog

From furniture to safety to tech resources that support remote learning, find all you need in these pages plus a constantly updated selection online.

2021-2022 Curriculum Catalog

From overcoming learning challenges to recapturing past learnings, you’ll find smart solutions in these pages as well as a constantly updated selection online.

2021-2022 Arts & Crafts Catalog

Art can play a key role, helping students explore and express emotions, both in classroom communities and at home. In this catalog, find all you need to help fill their needs. Plus, new items are always added online.

2021-2022 Early Childhood Catalog

From infant to Pre-to 2nd grade. For support in school or at home. You’ll find helpful resources throughout these pages, as well as constantly updated selection online.

2021-2022 Physical Education Catalog

From physical education to physical activity and health and wellness, find solutions in these pages as well as a constantly updated selection online.

2021-2022 Special Needs & Education Catalog

From sensory products to easy clean items, and resources to help navigate the communication challenges of remote learning, find solutions in these pages as well as constantly updated selection online.

2021-2022 K-12 Science Catalog

From science supplies to labware to STEM activities, you’ll find all the solutions you need for grades K–12 in one convenient place, as well as a constantly updated selection online.

2021-2022 Back to School Safely During COVID-19 Catalog

Whether school takes place in person, with distance learning or a hybrid solution, we know we must come back together in a way where everyone can be safe, feel secure and learn effectively.

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English Language Arts Resources for Grades K-12

We have the supplemental resources, materials and products to meet every ELA instructional need and help you support your students in meeting their goals.

Versatile Math Supplementary Resources for Grades K-12

You know math proficiency is essential to your students’ success. It’s why you work so hard to advance their math skills regardless of where they start in experience, language, and ability. School Specialty offers the supplemental resources, materials, and products to meet every math instructional need.

Family Engagement & Educational Games Catalog

We've brought together an assortment of Family Engagment Resources and Educational Games that can help stydents of all ages refine skills, enrich learning and keep minds engaged. School Specailty offers developmentally appropriate solutions from hands on materials, to workbooks, readers, puzzles and more.

Sensory Spaces Catalog

We can't keep the stresses of the world away from students, but we can provide them a haven of calm when they need it most. From sensory rooms to classroom corners, find an extensive selection of products and ideas in these pages to fit your needs and your budget.