Creating a Makerspace

Insight & Inspiration for Creating a Makerspace in Your School

A growing trend is the construction of a separate makerspace where students can engage in hands-on, creative projects to support student design and creation.

Whether a section of the library, converted computer lab, or spare classroom, your makerspace can inspire creativity and innovation by giving it the right mix of equipment and technology while being flexible enough to adapt as project needs change.

See how School Specialty can help you serve current needs and allow for future growth.


The inside of an outfitted makerspace is a place of balance – open and flexible to promote ingenuity, yet ordered and structured to prevent chaos. Achieving this balance requires keeping technology, tools, and furnishings accessible and protected while giving students room to work and plan. And that begins with thinking through what might be inside that makerspace. This is just a sampling of appropriate products. Visit Shop our Products for our full assortment.