Student Art Contest

We all know the vital role art plays in education encouraging creativity, helping develop self-expression, self-awareness and critical thinking.

The Student Art Contest showcases the talents of students of all ages and inspires others to share their creative skills.

A black and white crayon drawing of a fuzzy bunny plush toy.
April 2024 Winner

"Soft & Fuzzy"
Harper D. • Grade 8
Medium: Conté Crayon
Pittsburgh, PA

How it Works

Students choose any medium and create an original work of art (no reproductions, please). They can use whatever materials are available or shop for a wide variety of art supplies. Email an image of the artwork along with the completed release form to Submissions can be made by students themselves or by teachers on their behalf. All grade levels are eligible to enter.

female student painting still life in classroom

What Featured Artists Receive:

We'll select one featured artist every month who will receive:

  • $250 merchandise certificate for themselves
  • $250 merchandise certificate for the teacher who inspired them
  • Featured space on our website and across social media

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Honorable Mentions

artwork depicting sunflowers in a vase

"Sunflowers after Van Gogh"

Emilia H. | North Powder, OR | Grade 3 | Oil Pastel

artwork depicting sunflowers in a vase

"Sunflowers after Van Gogh"

Jael F. | North Powder, OR | Grade 3 | Oil Pastel

birds and flowers in bright funky colors and design

"Peace and Nature"

Shanvitha V. | Edison, NJ | Grade 9 | Watercolor

two little girls on a swing show from behind

"Friends by Choice"

Shanvitha V. | Edison, NJ | Grade 9 | Graphite

drawing of a female looking away

"Face Away"

Shanvitha V. | Edison, NJ | Grade 9 | Graphite

aerial three dimensional perspective of city buildings


Oscar | Parma, OH | Grade 4 | Graphite

"Sunflowers after Van Gogh"

McKinley S. | North Powder, OR | Grade 3 | Oil Pastel

"Nighttime Wonder"

Lizzie | Mt. Pleasant, MI | Grade 6 | Watercolor

Past Winners


January 2022

Artwork Details »

horse in a pasture

February 2022

Artwork Details »

portrait of a little boy

March 2022

Artwork Details »

watercolor florals in a vase

April 2022

Artwork Details »


June 2022

Artwork Details »


July 2022

Artwork Details »

model of a mouse

August 2022

Artwork Details »

child's drawing of a fall scene with color landscape

September 2022

Artwork Details »

detailed squirrel with a nut in van gogh style

October 2022

Artwork Details »

two german sheperds

November 2022

Artwork Details »

little girl and a cat peeking through a fence

December 2022

Artwork Details »

squirrel with leaves and acorns

January 2023

Artwork Details »

still life vase and objects

February 2023

Artwork Details »

paintings of two cows

March 2023

Artwork Details »

painting of a yellow lily

April 2023

Artwork Details »

still life of a fruit basket and flowers

June 2023

Artwork Details »

self portrait

July 2023

Artwork Details »

key west painting

August 2023

Artwork Details »

black and white city drawing

September 2023

Artwork Details »

black and white city drawing

October 2023

Artwork Details »

Long, blue ceramic plate with painted koi fish and lily pads.

November 2023

Artwork Details »

Painting of a person and dog sleeping together.

December 2023

Artwork Details »

Painting of young person sitting.

January 2024

Artwork Details »

Colored pencil drawing of a golden retriever in round sunglasses.

February 2024

Artwork Details »

Acrylic painting of a bridge crossing a pond with water lillies.

March 2024

Artwork Details »

Lesson Plans for Inspiration

school specialty art lesson plans brochure cover

Our Art Lesson Plan Brochure showcases eighteen incredible lesson plans, many of which can be done at home.

Inspire your artists with our art lesson plans! From painting to pottery, for all ages and stages, check out these creative projects.

eric carle style caterpillar sculpture
mosaic style portrait in chuck close style
microbiome clay scupltures in petri dishes
sculpture of cake made out of paper materials
ceramic sculptures of teapots
painting of a sliced watermelon

Crayola Colors of the World Contest Winner

Meet Zoey G., a sixth grader from Kingwood, TX. Her artwork, “A Colorful Mind” is the winner of the Crayola Colors of the World Contest. Zoey describes her artwork as “a self portrait of how I see myself in life”.

A Colorful Mind - By Zoey G. - A colorful drawing of a person thinking, whose head is surrounded by various art supplies.