Frequently Asked Questions

What is SchoolKidz?
SchoolKidz offers pre-packaged student supply kits that are custom to your school’s grade-level lists. The school or parent organization offers the program. Parents purchase the kits. Kits are optional and provide uniformity in the classrooms for teachers.
What are your delivery options?
Select School Delivery or Home Delivery. School Delivery kits are labeled with the student’s name, have color-coded handles per grade level, and arrive organized and labeled by grade. Home Delivery orders are shipped in cartons to parents’ homes.
What’s the benefit of ordering kits?
There are many benefits which include: savings and convenience for parents, a fundraiser option for the school, and prepared students and teachers on the first day.
Who facilitates the program?
Typically, a parent organization (PTO/PTA) or the school administration. With our easy program, only one chairperson is needed.
What’s the best time for a sale?
Sales are most successful near the end of the school year. We recommend a 3-week long sale and it’s best to start planning 1-2 months ahead of time. We will help you set a timeline specific to your school year.
Can I request specific items?
We currently stock thousands of items to satisfy your needs including many well-known name brands and our own proprietary products!
Do you offer free promotional materials?
Yes, of course! These include printed order forms, parent letters, reminder flyers, e-blast suggestions, social media posts, sample display kit, and posters.
Is pricing comparable to retail?
Yes, often 20-40% better!
How do parents order?
Online ordering is recommended with our School Delivery Program and it’s required with our Home Delivery Program. Occasionally, some schools offering School Delivery will give parents the choice to order via a paper form and check, in addition to the online ordering portion.
How are payments received?
Parents order online with a credit card or via order form and check. Online orders process payment immediately. The balance of any paper orders is due 10 days after delivery. Paper orders and checks only apply to our School Delivery Program.
When are kits delivered?
School Delivery kits arrive before school starts during your preferred delivery week. Many schools distribute at a back-to-school event or within the child’s classroom prior to the first day of school. Home delivery orders may arrive earlier in the summer, but no later than the scheduled delivery week.