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At-Home Student Art Contest

We're proud to support budding artists and we have a long history of featuring student artwork, including all mediums and all grade levels. Join us in celebrating your students' artwork by submitting it for consideration to be featured.

New for 2020! A Featured Student Every Month

Throughout the year, we will be featuring a different student artist EVERY month! Each month, your students can choose from a two different mediums to create their artwork. We’ve even offered a suggested list of products. Tell us about your piece of art and how the products were used to create your masterpiece. Submit a photo of the project along with the School Specialty signed artwork/photo release form and your student could be the star artist for a month!

What Does It Mean to Be a Featured Student Artist?

  • A School Specialty merchandise certificate worth $250 for the art teacher AND student artist
  • Featured artwork and artist on our website
  • Promotion of the art and student artist on social media

It's Easy to Enter

Here’s the complete list of monthly art mediums and suggested products to choose from for your student artwork. Pssst... Watch for our 2020 Lesson Plan Brochure (available in March) which will have 20 amazing lesson plans that will correlate with the monthly mediums and suggested products to help inspire your artists.

To submit artwork, simply email the completed artwork release form and an image of the student's artwork to artshare@schoolspecialty.com


Submit by
March 31, 2020

Acrylics Paints or Specialty Glue
  • Elmers® Glow in the Dark Glue
  • Sax® True Flow Premium Heavy Bodied Acrylic

Submit by
April 30, 2020

Colored Pencils or Ceramics
  • Staedtler® ErgoSoft Colored Pencils
  • Mayco® Designer Textured Plates

Submit by
May 31, 2020

Markers/Colored Pencils or Screen Printing
  • Crayola® Take Note!™ Permanent Markers
  • Crayola® Signature Blend & Shade Colored Pencils
  • Crayola® Color Sticks
  • Crayola® Metallic Markers
  • Speedball® Wood Screen with Fabric
  • Speedball® Water-Soluble Fabric Screen Printing Ink
  • Speedball® Permanent Acrylic Screen Printing Ink

Submit by
June 30, 2020

Construction Paper or Air Dry Clay
  • TRU-RAY® Construction Paper
  • DAS Jr® Air-Hardening Modeling Clay
  • DAS® My Creative Tool Set

Submit by
July 31, 2020

Ceramics or Mat Board
  • Sax® Low Fire Earthenware White Art Clay
  • Sax® True Flow® Gloss Glazes
  • Sax® Genuine Canvas Pads
  • Crescent® No. 33 Smooth White Mat Board
  • Crescent® Mat Board Assortment

Submit by
Aug. 31, 2020

Watercolors or Craft Materials
  • Simply® Watercolor Paint
  • Creativity Street® Geometric I Wood Shapes
  • Creativity Street® Washable Glitter Chip Glue
  • Creativity Street® Peel & Stick Gemstone
  • Creativity Street® Assorted Acrylic Stones
  • Creativity Street® Spiral Stem
  • Creativity Street® Colored Wood Shapes, Basic Shapes

Submit by
Sept. 30, 2020

Acrylic Paints or Permanent Markers
  • Chromacryl® Acrylic Essentials
  • Chroma® Molten Metals Acrylic
  • Sharpie® Metallic Permanent Markers

Submit by
Oct. 31, 2020

Ceramics or Oil Pastels
  • Crayola® Signature™ Pearlescent Cream Sticks
  • AMACO® Low Fire Earthenware White Art 25 Clay
  • AMACO® Tile Cutter
  • AMACO® Textured Clay Rollers
  • AMACO® Teacher's Palette Light® Glazes
  • AMACO® Velvet Underglaze

Submit by
Nov. 30, 2020

Canvas Panels or Drawing Pencils
  • Fredrix® Gold Cut Edge Canvas Panels
  • General's® Semi-Hex® Classic Graphite Drawing Pencils
  • General's® Woodless Coloring Pencils
  • General's Kimberly® Watercolor Pencils
  • General's® Layout Pencil

Submit by
Dec. 31, 2020

Craft Materials or Water-Mixable Oil Paints
  • Roylco® Paper Mesh
  • Roylco® Plastic Lacing Needle
  • Roylco® Nature Stencils
  • Roylco® Color Diffusing Paper
  • Winsor & Newton® Artisan™ Water-Mixable Oil Colors

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Congratulations to
our latest featured
student artist,
Dietrich Reierson!

"Textured Sly Fox"
Dietrich Reierson
3rd Grade, West End School
North Plainfield, NJ