Ladybug on Flower
Andi Mo
Dougherty Valley High School
San Ramon, CA

Student Artists Dazzle Us Every Day. Join Us in Helping Them Shine!

Honor Your Star Students

Share your star students' work with the world by submitting their original artwork for consideration for a future Sax catalog cover!

We're proud to support budding artists, and have a long history of featuring student artwork on catalog covers. We've featured watercolors, pencil drawings, and more, from students in all grade levels.

Now that's something to brag about!

In addition to being featured on our catalog cover, you will receive...

  • A Sax merchandise certificate for the art teacher and the student artist
  • Promotion of the art and student artist on social media
  • Promotion of the art and student artist on our student art web page

Being chosen is quite an honor and makes an impressive addition to any student's portfolio.

How to Get Started

You can help your students shine by submitting their artwork. Any original student artwork (no reproductions, please) is eligible for submission.

To submit artwork, simply email the completed artwork release form (in the right column) and an image of the students' artwork to