STEAM, or Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics are important areas of emphasis for teachers and administrators at all levels of education as they work to prepare students for the 21st century. National standards incorporate these subjects, with the understanding that a solid comprehension of STEAM topics starts with developmentally-appropriate materials and activities. With a full line of early childhood educational products we are here to support your STEAM curriculum.


Young children are natural scientists! Encourage Scientific Thinking from the earliest years with the tools and materials for exploring, experimenting, observing and investigating.


Ever changing technology touches the lives of young children each day. An early understanding of tech tools in the classroom today can build a base for utilizing technology in the world of tomorrow.


Young children who are encouraged and provided the materials to discover how things work become the problem solvers that design and engineer our future.


The arts-always an important part of early childhood education-enhances STEM with opportunities for creativity. Creativity encouraged in the classrooms of today is the foundation for innovation in the world of tomorrow.


Math is a way of thinking and making sense of the world. Sorting, categorizing, and finding the patterns in the world around us is the work of young mathematicians.

Preparing for STEAM

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