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Experia LED Color Changing Bubble Tube, 60 x 16 x 8 Inches

Item #: 1367134

A bubble tube is a must for your sensory room or environment!

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LED Bubble Tube is distinctive and special, not just because of its attractively styled curved base and clear curved lid, but because of its many unique features. Designed to be easy to use, it is completely wireless and controllable using any IRiS Talker, making it accessible to all. Hundreds of bubbles flow steadily up the bubble tube while their color is controlled by the user. The unit also features a calming mode with slowly changing colors which can be used for relaxing or de-escalation for individuals with dementia. Utilizes the very latest LED technology to produce vibrant colors that never fade. Since it's LED, there's no lamp to change, making this tube almost maintenance free! Operates on main voltage transformed to low voltage. We recommend the use of our bubble tube bracket to ensure stability. Please ensure you have an IRiS Talker (sold separately) to control this product. Height: 60 inches. Tube diameter: 6 inches. All dimensions are approximate. NOTE: An IRiS Talker (controller) is necessary to use this product properly. Controllers are sold separately, choose from the #2010296 iConverter or # 1484782 Qube. IRiS Wireless Sensory Products are exclusive to Experia USA and enable you to take full control of your sensory room. The IRiS product line consists of "talkers" and "listeners." So, what is an IRiS "Listener"? It's products that light up and change colors or create sound "Listeners." They are "Listeners" because they are listening for a signal from a controller. What is an IRiS "Talker"? A "Talker" is the word used for a controller. They are sending signals to the "Listeners" to change colors or make a sound.
Benefits of Bubble Therapy:
  • Distraction therapy
  • Social interaction
  • Create a calming or motivating environment
  • Address color recognition and cause and effect
  • Great fun when used within a group setting
  • 1 LED Bubble Tube

Compatible With Any of the Following Controllers (Sold Separately):
  • IRiS Qube (1397549)
  • IRiS Vibration Switch (1392967)
  • IRiS Switchbox (1397546)
  • IRiS Soft Switch (1397552)
  • IRiS Color Selector (1397554)
  • IRiS Color Selector Deluxe (1397557)
  • iConvertor (2010296)