Multisensory Environments to fit your needs.

School Specialty has a "sensory" solution for Everyone and Every budget.

A Multi-Sensory Environment is a dedicated space or room which is designed to allow passive or active control of the sensory environment (visual, auditory, vibration, olfactory, vestibular etc) to stimulate the senses, promote cause/effect interaction, and/or help promote feelings of pleasure, calm and well -being. Typically components of a MSE often include bubble tube or other encased moving water pieces, fiber optics light sources like a fiber optic softie cushion or wall feature and/or a sound component such as vibroacoustic furniture or a light panel that is reactive to sound input. MSE's can be used with all populations, from neurotypical developing children to students on the autism spectrum, to individuals with behavior challenges and adults and geriatric populations with sensory/memory impairments.

MSE's should be a safe and non-threatening space that utilizes sound, light, movement, vibration or other sensory input. MSE's can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Relaxation
  • Calming and reorganizing
  • Building cognitive cause/effect skills
  • Promoting visual and auditory perception skills
  • To stimulate language/communication skills and other educational goals
  • As part of a memory care unit for geriatrics

Abilitations has partnered with Experia to bring you a full line of Multi-Sensory equipment. MSE's provide a solution that offers students with high level disabilities the opportunity to control, manipulate, intensify or reduce stimulation within a safe environment.

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