Gathering - Rest Area

Item #: 4002103
$424.95 - $837.95
$318.71 - $628.46

This Childcraft Everyone is Welcome Classroom Carpet is the perfect classroom carpet to foster inclusivity and diversity. Its durable design means this is more than your average accent rug--it's a long-lasting classroom staple.

Item #: 1491068

Creates a helpful storage solution for your classroom, childcare center, play room, and much more.

Item #: 1542288

Kids will love counting (and getting a comfy spot) on these carpet rounds! Cozy carpets by Childcraft are made from the highest quality materials to define a durable, comfortable area for play, activity, and education.

Item #: 085987

This Teaching Easel is a valuable tool for early childhood and primary teachers to orchestrate and store lessons.

Item #: 1415423