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School Smart Testimonials

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say About School Smart Products

“School Smart products allow me to maximize my dollars in the classroom. I spend a lot of my own money in the classroom and School Smart products are one way that I can stretch my budget to get the supplies I need for my students.”

- V.S., W.H. Spencer High School


“School Smart products are the only ones I use to start my school year off right. Their quality is the same as the high-priced name brands. These products save me so much money on supplies and allow me to purchase more with the savings.”

- N.H., Gardens Elementary


“As I type this I am looking at a box of #2 Wood Pencils by School Smart. School Smart supplies are essential to me! As an educator, I spend a lot of my own money purchasing school supplies. When I think about making a purchase, the products not only have to be affordable but they also need to have quality. The fact that there is a Satisfaction Promise makes me want to choose School Smart.”

- S.G., Cypress Creek High School


“As a very frugal teacher with a limited budget, I love School Smart products! Last year I purchased a School Smart electric pencil sharpener and have found that the students “save up” their dull pencils for my class because it is the best sharpener in the school! I love all of my desk products like sticky notes and pens. It is great to know that there are quality items available for my classroom at much better prices than the “big name-brand” items. I love getting quality and great savings together! Thanks School Smart!”

- J.D., St. Joseph Catholic School


“I think School Smart items are great! They offer the same product for a much lower price. Most schools are on a tight budget these days and it's nice to be able to get the same quality for a lower price. I choose School Smart items whenever they are available.”

- H.K., New Manchester Elementary


“I have been purchasing School Smart supplies for the past several years and have not been disappointed. My students use the pencils and pencil top erasers, among other products, daily and I am pleased with their quality and, of course, their price. In this economy and with our school budgets shrinking, quality and value are a must. Thanks!”

- L.V.


“I have found School Smart products to be cost-effective and reliable supplies in today's strapped school budgeting. I use the School Smart tape, whiteboard erasers, file folders, index cards, glue sticks and more. I have found that I can save money and get more from my limited classroom budget by ordering from School Specialty and using the School Smart supplies. Thank you for keeping in mind the cost that educators spend yearly on necessities to make their classrooms productive.”

- C.G., Boling Independent School District


“I was leery of purchasing a non-brand name product, but the price was right and I could order the quantity I needed without going over budget. So... I ordered the School Smart product! I was delighted with the items and began to hunt for the School Smart brand. I continue to compare other brands with School Smart... please notice this statement... I compare other brands to School Smart and not the other way around... and almost always School Smart is my choice. Don't believe me? Check your purchasing receipts... I will continue to purchase the School Smart brand as it has become a trusted favorite. Thanks for the great service and pride in your products.”

- C.O., St. Bernard Middle School


“School Smart products are great and their prices are very reasonable. Being a small school, with very limited funds, it's nice to be able to get quality value products for a low price! Thank you!”

- T.M., Walton Elementary Middle School


“School Smart products make my budgeting dollars stretch so much further. I am getting the same quality product of the “brand name”s items for a much lower price. I have found little-to-no difference in the quality of these items in comparison to their much higher priced branded peers. I am sold on School Smart and will seek out these great values each and every time I place an order for myself and for my school. Keep the good values coming! A very pleased, penny-pinching, quality-seeking customer.”

- J.M., Ewing High School