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School Specialty
Purchasing Cooperative Partners

Get Everything Your School or District Needs, All While Saving Time and Money

From crayons to curriculums, our unmatched breadth of offerings work together to create safe and inspiring spaces that nurture your students’ mental, physical, social and emotional growth.

To help you take advantage of all School Specialty has to offer, we have partnered with several national, regional, state and local purchasing cooperatives. Our contracts and relationships offer you names you trust and recognize, all focused on improving learning outcomes. You have the option to choose the best products for your school or district, spend less time ordering and spend less money. That means your staff can spend more time with students and your budget goes further. Plus, it’s a completely contractually compliant way to purchase from a procurement perspective.

National Purchasing Cooperatives

OMNIA Partners

Omnia Partners is the nation’s largest purchasing organization in procurement and supply chain management. School Specialty currently has 3 competitively bid contracts with OMNIA Partners:

  • Educational School Supplies (Contract #R190503)
  • Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Anatomy Instructional Supplies (Contract #R190202)
  • Athletic and PE Supplies (Contract #R151103)


The Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA) is a multi-state non-profit organization made up of educational service agencies and political subdivisions. School Specialty currently has 3 competitively bid contracts with AEPA:

  • School and Instructional Supplies (Contract #IFB019-E)
  • Athletic Equipment and Supplies (Contract #IFB018-C)
  • Furniture (Contract #IFB018-D)

State Purchasing Cooperatives

Select your state to see our available purchasing cooperative partners. Contact your School Specialty Sales Representative to learn more.

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