Welcome to the School Specialty Innovation Center

Our Innovation Center is a state-of-the-art space that showcases a variety of learning environments as they would exist in a school setting. School Specialty will surround you with unique solutions and together, we can create successful students, successful schools, and successful communities.

Comprised of future-ready environments, each features products, furniture configurations, and design ideas that will help you plan for and create spaces to help your students achieve and lead to richer learning.

We have an extensive offering of products and brands to support your goals. Come touch, feel, and experience our furniture, supplies, learning materials, and instructional solutions, and let local sales teams partner with you to find the best solutions for your specific needs.

The Innovation Center is led by a team of Learning Environment experts who will guide you based on the principles of design with your instructional vision in order to create spaces that are engaging and educationally effective.

Get Inspired

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Projects by Design

Projects by Design® is our turnkey, collaborative, and complimentary design service that can support you through installation and beyond. We can be your single source for products, design, and project management resulting in one P.O. for your entire project. We’ve done this for thousands of school building projects over the past two decades and we’d love to do all of this for you.

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Whether it’s a painting, ceramics, or graphic design, a visual arts space should be practical, flexible, and inclusive. Consider workspace needs like lighting, surface area, and functionality based on the medium. Inspire every artist in this visual arts space. Art instructors and classroom teachers will find everything they need within our line of high-quality arts and crafts supplies, featuring Sax products.

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Makerspace/College and Technical Education

Research shows that a well-designed, innovative makerspace offers students an ideal environment for hands-on learning, allowing them to experiment and develop essential skills like problem-solving and creativity. Our solutions are functional and allow you to create a multi-purpose space, a resource center, or use for Career and Technical Education purposes.

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Engaging science classrooms promote hands-on learning experiences, from Biology and Environmental Studies to Chemistry and Physics. Our furniture and equipment support technology, safety, and flexible grouping for constantly evolving instructional methods. We design our products based on how students will use them, like experiments and lab work, and create specific surfaces, storage, and designs to meet their learning needs.

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Early Childhood

Early childhood environments encourage young learners to feel safe, gain independence, and engage in hands-on learning. Our high-quality, safe, durable, and easy-to-clean Childcraft® furniture, paired with the full selection of school supplies we offer, supports lessons aligned with early learning standards. Discover our complete selection of products for ages infant, toddler, PreK, K, Prek-3 and Pre-4.

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Create a sensory space where students can disconnect from the outside world and refocus, self-regulate, and recharge. We offer products that range in stimuli to help students develop and engage their senses. While creating a sensory environment, it’s important to develop a detailed design plan based on students’ needs, including lights, colors, sounds, and sensory soft play resources to promote a safe, calming environment.

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Media Center

Media centers include technology resources, books, quiet spaces, makerspaces, and collaboration areas. Find everything you need to fill your space, from books to shelves and seating. Our furniture offers many options, including moveable casters, soft seating, collaboration areas, media storage, and even acoustic panels, to allow the space to be adjusted and reconfigured based on your specific needs.

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An engaging classroom allows students to collaborate and learn in a variety of ways. Design your space to meet your classes’ needs. Our furniture solutions are versatile, with height-adjustable tables, chairs with glides or casters, multiple color choices, worksurface finishes, and designs that modify based on group size. Fill your room with our student-focused educational products, like inclusive lessons, games, reading materials, pocket charts, written instruction, and more.

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Explore More Spaces


Esports provide a way to engage more students in extracurricular activities. They help students learn skills like problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and leadership, and have shown proven academic benefits.


A cafeteria is more than just a serving space, it's used for before & after school programs, small group instruction, extended learning programs, and so much more. Create an inviting, adjustable space with our cafeteria furniture to suit all your activity needs.


Your school's reception area is a welcoming space for students and parents. These spaces use signage, desks, and acoustics to create a comfortable environment.

Administration & Office

Administration and office spaces are places where new ideas are generated, collaborative discussions occur, and students are supported. Allow us to design an inviting office layout that creates a comfortable space for conversations with students & parents.

Collaboration Area

Collaboration areas allow students to ask questions, connect, and share. Students need spaces that are conducive to their learning styles. Collaboration areas are equipped with furniture and functional design to allow for these activities.

General Instruction

General instruction areas should be flexible and adapt to a class’s changing lessons. Our large selection of configurable desks, collaboration desks, height-adjustable chairs, power outlet options, dry-erase markerboards, and interactive whiteboards give students the ability to engage and collaborate in any subject area.


Students need a place to study and unwind. Lounge areas provide a quiet, comfortable, and inviting space to relax and collaborate. Flexible soft seating, wobble stools, sofas, and power charging stations allow students and/or staff to gather in a casual space for activities and collaborating with peers.

Physical Education

Furniture that encourages movement and sensory development can help improve memory, concentration, and classroom behavior. Browse our versatile selection of solutions that promote movement like ball chairs, motion stools, climbing walls, cushions, balance boards, and more.