Somatron Multi-Sensory Playfloor with Soothing Musical Vibrations, 66 L x 86 W x 12 H in, Vinyl/Thick Foam Wall

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Somatron Multi-Sensory Playfloor measuring 66 in L x 86 in W x 12 in H is a perfect location for children to spend quiet time or nap time. Soft cushioned floor space provides soothing musical vibrations to offer a calming therapeutic effect when you lie about or roll around in. It features thick foam walls that provides a secure perimeter and comfortable seating for therapists. It can be powered with any stereo system rated at 30 - 100 W and the floor is covered in a "staf-check" hospital-grade vinyl that is resistant to bacteria.
  • Lie about or roll around in the soft cushioned floor space while soothing music vibrations impart a calming therapeutic effect
  • An ideal location for children to spend "time out" or "nap time"
  • The sides and ends are covered in superior grade heavy duty rip-stop vinyl
  • The floor is covered in hospital approved Sure-Chek vinyl, which is fluid proof, non-allergenic, bacteria resistant, and anti-static, fire stain, and tear resistant
  • Fluidproof, non-allergenic, bacteria resistant, Antistatic, fire resistant, easy maintenance, stain/tear resistant, Economical, Self-deodorizing, comfortable