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Transform Your Classroom with Innovative, Multi-Functional Furniture

Find Versatile Furniture for Your Flexible, Active, or Collaborative Classroom

The days of sitting in a desk chair all day are on their way out, as studies show giving students options can help increase engagement and performance. Creating a highly-effective learning environment can be as easy as updating a few pieces of furniture. Whether it’s mobile soft seating for a flexible space, wobble stools for active learners, or interactive white boards for collaboration, there’s a wide range of options sure to be the perfect fit in your classroom.

Flexible Classroom

Create an engaging, flexible classroom environment with mobile seating and adjustable desks.


Active Classroom

Facilitate natural student movement with wobble stools, ball chairs, and discreet fidget pedal desks.


Collaborative Classroom

Transform your room into a collaborative area with innovative soft seating and dry erase markerboard tables.


Ideas and Inspiration for Your Learning Environment