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Crayola Creativity Week is January 23-29, and only School Specialty offers exclusive, early access starting January 9 to Crayola Thinking Sheets creative resources!

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Crayola Thinking Sheets

Enjoy early access to Crayola Thinking Sheets starting January 9th! Thinking Sheets provide creative activities that build students’ confidence, for elementary, middle and high school grade levels, and are aligned to education standards for Art, Language Arts and Social Emotional Learning.

Download these resources to engage creative learning in your class:

Day 1 (Monday, Jan 23): Endless Possibilities

endless possibilities thinking sheets preview
For Younger Kids:

Magnificent Moon

For Older Kids:

Follow Your Dreams

Day 2 (Tuesday, Jan 24): Building Dreams and Community

building dreams and community thinking sheets preview
For Younger Kids:

Set the Stage

For Older Kids:

Character’s Emotions

Day 3 (Wednesday, Jan 25): Dancing with Traditions

dancing with traditions thinking sheets preview
For Younger Kids:

Nature-Inspired Patterns

For Older Kids:

Bodies in Motion

Day 4 (Thursday, Jan 26): Language and Laughter

language and laughter thinking sheets preview
For Younger Kids:

Illustrate Idioms

For Older Kids:

Improv Art

Day 5 (Friday, Jan 27): Keys to Kindness

keys to kindness thinking sheets preview
For Younger Kids:

Unexpected Friendship

For Older Kids:

Rip Up the Recipe

Day 6 (Saturday, Jan 28): Self-Confidence and Student Voice

self-confidence and student voice thinking sheets preview
For Younger Kids:

Best Self

For Older Kids:

Illustrated Dream Poems

Day 7 (Sunday, Jan 29): Weathering Emotions

weathering emotions thinking sheets preview
For Younger Kids:

Sky Colors

For Older Kids:

What’s In A Name

two girl students using crayola materials during creativity week at school

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