Classroom Portable Sinks


Portable Sinks

Item #: 2039501

Keep little ones' hands clean with the help of the portable, plug-in hand washing sink. Design is useful for both indoor or outdoor learning environments.

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Item #: 1580548

Item #: 1580547

Encourage handwashing habits and help keep everyone healthy with this kid-friendly Clean Hand Helper! This unit meets all licensing requirements (no plumbing required!).

Item #: 1580549

Item #: 2010681


Portable Classroom Sinks

Does your classroom not have access to running water? No problem! School Specialty has a quality collection of portable sinks to ensure your students can wash their hands no matter what kind of sticky (or germy) situation they get themselves into. Whether you need a portable sink with hot water for your science lab, an expertly crafted handwashing sink for your art room, or an outdoor sink station for recess and gym class, we’ve got you covered. Clean hands are one of the best ways to prevent the spread of pathogens. Keep your school, students, and teachers as clean as can be with portable sinks from School Specialty.