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Thames & Kosmos CHEM C2000 (V 2.0)

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Discover how fascinating the world is when you understand the remarkable chemical reactions behind ordinary occurrences.

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About This Item


CHEM C2000 includes everything in CHEM C1000 and more — with twice the tools and materials, and more than three times the experiments. Most notably, this kit introduces you to the alcohol burner for experiments that require heat, greatly expanding the number of experiments you can conduct.


  • Experiment with filtering and separating mixtures, combustion, and electrochemical reactions
  • Learn how to work with indicators and stronger acids and bases
  • Explore elements and compounds, including the chemical and physical properties of water, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon
  • Experiment with various foods from the kitchen to learn about sugars, fats, and proteins
  • After completing CHEM C2000, you will have experienced firsthand the most important topics in chemistry, creating an excellent foundation for later study of chemical equations and atomic structure
  • 1 Protective Goggles
  • 3 Conduction Wires and Copper Wire (In Bag)
  • 2 Large Graduated Beakers
  • 2 Lids for Graduated Beakers
  • 1 Funnel
  • 1 Burner Base
  • 1 Insulating Piece
  • 1 Aluminum Disk
  • 1 Wick Holder
  • 1 Wick
  • 1 Burner Cap
  • 1 Rubber Stopper Without Hole
  • 1 Rubber Stopper With Hole
  • 1 Cork Stopper With Hole
  • 1 Safety Cap WIth Dropper Insert for Litmus Bottle
  • 1 Clip for 9-Volt Battery 
  • 5 Test Tubes
  • 1 Test Tube Stand
  • 2 Dropper Pipettes
  • 1 Carbon Electrode
  • 1 Pointed Glass Tube
  • 1 Angled Tube
  • 1 Immersion Heater
  • 1 Test Tube Brush
  • 1 Test Tube Holder
  • 1 Double-Headed Measuring Spoon
  • 1 Lid Opener
  • 1 Small Bottle for Litmus Solution
  • 25 Grams Sodium Hydrogen Sulfate
  • 12 Grams Sodium Carbonate
  • 4 Grams Potassium Hexacyanoferrate
  • 8-1/2 Grams Calcium Hydroxide
  • 10 Grams Ammonium Chloride
  • 10 Grams Potassium Permanganate Mixture (Potassium Permanganate-Sodium Sulfate Mixture 1:2 m/m)
  • 4-1/2 Grams Sulfur
  • 8 Grams Copper Sulfate
  • 1 Gram Litmus Powder
  • 1 Magnesium Strip
  • 3 Grams Luminol Mixture (Luminol-Sodium Sulfate Mixture 5% m/m)
  • 6 Grams Potassium Hexacyanoferrate
  • Filter Paper Sheets
Shipping Details
Shipping Type: parcel
Free Shipping: true
Maximum Age: 18+
Maximum Grade Level: Grade 12
Allergens: Contains No Allergens
Grade Level: Middle-High School
Safety: Caution Icon. CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
SUOM Description: Each
Age Range: 11+
Brand Name: Thames And Kosmos
Description: CHEM C2000 (V 2.0)
Dimensions: 21.3 x 14.6 x 4.7 in.
Number Of Batteries: 1
Thames & Kosmos CHEM C2000 (V 2.0)