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Sportime PE Equipment to Encourage Physical Activity

Sportime, the physical activity equipment brand of School Specialty, has provided innovative physical activity products and resources to physical education teachers, youth & recreation leaders, and childcare providers for over 50 years!

Sportime remains committed to enhancing the health and wellness of our nation's youth. Through expert-developed physical education, fitness and sports equipment, Sportime offers creative solutions inspired by PE teachers supporting children of all abilities.

Best of Sportime

For generations, we've put bodies into perpetual motion.

For 50 years, Sportime® equipment has helped young people develop a love of physical activity that lasts all through their lives. And it's no coincidence that time-proven favorites like jump ropes, bean bags, sports balls, and hula hoops remain among our most popular offerings, year after year.

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multicolored frog bean bags

"I ordered these frogs for a frog launcher at our school carnival. They are heavy enough and durable enough to withstand being launched and landing over and over again. Very pleased with this product!"

Bean Bag Frogs »

multicolored glitter ribbon wands

"I purchased these to use with my students during adapted PE activities. They are such a fun addition to the class. They can be utilized in a variety of ways to add a splash of color and excitement to typical activities. Perfect size and very durable!"

Rainbow Wand Set »

multicolored shoulder folders for a safety cone

"For years I had been trying to protect my station cards, signs and activities. Once I found the indestructible shoulder folders by Sportime I was sold with their quality, versatility, and many uses."

Shoulder Folders »

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Item #: 016933

The soft vinyl walls of these remarkable cones collapse immediately upon impact; then, just as immediately, they spring back to original shape.

Item #: 004705

Secure down your essentials with eye-catching braided lanyards.

Item #: 016112

It is easy to lose notes or instructions, so we put everything right on the ball! Ideal for teaching the proper grip for passing to both right and left handed players.

Item #: 022968

Indestructible UltraFoam Dice from Sportime can be used for a variety of games and learning activities by students of all ages.

Item #: 023769

Item #: 007667

Watch your birdies soar! This set of international nylon shuttlecocks are built with quality materials and medium speed response for tournament play.

Item #: 030714

Hurry! Sand streams quickly from the top to the bottom hourglass of each of these timers. Each has its own unique color and specified time (from 30 seconds to 5 minutes) for varied tasks, quizzes, and beyond.

Item #: 016142

It is easy to lose a piece of paper, so we put throwing instructions right on the ball! The Hands-On Football is a winning choice for teaching proper grip and passing formations for both right and left handed players.

Item #: 017074

Dribble and dominate the floor with this leather replica ProRubber basketball.

Item #: 030579

Kick off the fun with this soft leather-like rubber football, which is designed as an identical replica to a professional official game pig hide/cowhide football.

Item #: 023781

The lightweight, oversized trainer ball is perfect for teaching beginning volleyball skills at any grade level.

Item #: 009586

Poly-PG Gradeball is the perfect combination of playability, durability, economy, and color.

Item #: 016220

Help make PG ball history with FlexMatricGrip Ergonomic balls

Item #: 009022

For use in your physical education classes, the Sportime Power Volleyball Net is recommended for multiple ages and constructed with durable materials for long-term use.

Item #: 024521

Develop speed and jumping skills with this sturdy lightweight hurdle.

Item #: 016213

Sportime Max Playground Ball is easy to grip and see for children of various ages and is great for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Item #: 015278

Tough construction with a comfortable grip, these scooter raft paddles help to build balance, upper arm and core strength and are a great fit for early childhood and elementary students.

Item #: 087901

Watch this bowling ball glide smoothly down the lane! Red-coded three-finger grips and gray glitter color add functional (and fun) points.

Item #: 016609

Take over the court with this big and bold super sized volleyball.

Item #: 026094

This adjustable net is perfect for volleyball, badminton pickleball and tennis.

Item #: 008978

The badminton games can officially begin now with your very own tournament net!

Item #: 019992

Heavy-duty foam padding adds rip-resistance and durability to this volleyball.

Item #: 008917

Let everyone know who's team you're on by sporting a vibrant adjustable pinnie! Buy 1 or stock up a bundle for physical education classes in the same or different colors.

Item #: 009089

A ball for all activities! Inflate as needed for games, physical therapy, throwing and catching practice, and more.

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