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Create Ever-Evolving Experiences with Robots and Software from Sphero

Play is a Powerful Teacher

As an industry-leading robotics toy company, Sphero® bridges the gap between the real world and the virtual world with its robots and software. Sphero creates connected toys by fusing emerging technology with the latest innovations in robotics, allowing for ever-evolving experiences and changing the way people play, learn, and explore.

Sphero Edu uses app-enabled robots to foster creativity through discovery and play, all while laying the foundation for computer science. Sphero Edu provides a toolset that is unbounded in its potential by weaving hardware, software, and community engagement together. While coding and 21st century skills are necessary, the program also goes beyond code by incorporating robotics and technology with collaborative STEAM activities. Cross-platform apps are approachable for all skill levels and allow users to progress with ease.

Sphero Edu Brand Video

Teaching #Beyond Code