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Each Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Environment is uniquely designed to your specifications to meet the needs of your group and facility. Browse our gallery for inspiration. Discover some of the options available to create your very own sensory environment.

Browse our many inspirational multi-sensory spaces and fill your cart with our carefully curated selection of products—or create your own custom environment.

A Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE) incorporates a specialized selection of sensory equipment and materials that can help clients adapt their responses to sensory input and advance education and therapy goals. Each Snoezelen MSE is tailored to meet the needs of specific populations according to age and ability. The blends of sights, sounds, textures, aromas, and movement provide sensory input that can be modified to meet individual needs.

In 40 countries worldwide, Snoezelen® is the trusted name for state-of-the-art multi-sensory environments. We provide everything you need, including:

  • Free consultation & room design
  • Innovative equipment and technology
  • Expert installation
  • Online training, with immediate access and logistical ease (onsite training also available)

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Snoezelen MSEs are tailored to provide a wide range of stimuli to enhance individuals’ sensory lifestyle. We offer an extensive selection of sensory room designs and state-of-the-art equipment to achieve your desired results.

Portable Snoezelen Carts

Convenient kits and starter sensory systems for your home, classroom, or therapy facility.

Lighting Effects

Our interactive and independently operating lighting effects promote relaxation and therapy.

Projectors, Effect Wheels & Accessories

Projectors & accessories provide a powerful sensory experience.


Add Technology to your Snoezelen Environments with our great selection of sensory solutions.

Ultra-Violet & Black Lights

Ultra-violet lights are great sensory solutions & offer visual stimulation for therapeutic or exploratory purposes.

Bubble Tubes

A stunning sensory solution, bubble tubes are calming and stimulating visual aids.

Fiber Optics

Using flexible, transparent fibers, fiber optic products transmit visually stimulating light signals.

Interactive Panels

Interactive panels offer great tactile stimulation, visual, auditory, and/or aromatic experiences.

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Snoezelen® Online Training

The all-new Snoezelen® Online Training is an e-learning-based course that is the ideal learning companion for a Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Environment.

Whether you’re launching a new program, refreshing your knowledge, or even just looking to expand your understanding of Snoezelen, this comprehensive course has everything you need.

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Sensory Magic

Snoezelen Sensory Magic™ combines auditory, visual, and coordinated color themes to give students the ultimate immersive multi-sensory experience.

  • Features 390 pre-set themes in HD audio and video
  • Themes for education, relaxation, interaction, and immersive experiences
  • Compatible with more than 30 Snoezelen products
  • Lets you create your own custom themes
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