CATCH K - 5 Complete Activity Kit & Equipment Package

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Open up a CATCH Activity Kit and you open up a lifetime of healthful habits for your students! You get equipment checklists, class organization guidelines, proven class management techniques, and detailed instructions on how to implement each and every activity into your current P.E. program. Your students get P.E. activities that meet national standards, positive reinforcement of the CATCH classroom message, and over 50% of their time spent with you engaged in heart-healthy Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA). So, get them ready with a kit that’s made for your kids! Keep them on the road to lifelong fitness with CATCH K - 5! The emphasis shifts toward activities that help your elementary-school students develop muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and a cooperative spirit. You also receive easy-to-use assessments based on national standards. Enough equipment for a class of 20!
  • One Grades K-2 Activity Box
  • One Grades 3-5 Activity Box
  • Seven Grades K-5 Classroom Materials
  • Five Sets of Go Slow Whoa Posters
  • Three Classroom Poster Sets
  • Three Reward Stickers Sets (750 Sheets Total)
  • One Welcome Banner
  • Twenty CATCH Playground Balls
  • Twelve CATCH 7 Foot Jump Ropes
  • Twelve CATCH 8 Foot Jump Ropes
  • Twelve CATCH Footballs
  • Twenty CATCH Basketballs
  • Twenty CATCH Soccer Balls
  • Two CATCH Base Sets (8 Pieces Total)
  • Two CATCH Batting Tees
  • Thirty-Two Plastic Softballs
  • Thirty-Two CATCH Foam Softballs
  • Two Foam Bats
  • Two Fat Bats and Balls
  • Sixteen CATCH Beanbags
  • Sixteen CATCH Cones
  • Thirty-Two CATCH Pinnies
  • Three Music Compact Discs
  • Twelve CATCH Spot Markers
  • One Communication Drum
  • Thirty-Two CATCH Flying Discs
  • One CATCH Parachute 24 Feet
  • Twenty-Four CATCH Floater Volleyballs
  • Eight CATCH Volleyballs
  • Twenty Aerobic Steps
  • Twenty-Four Hoops
  • Twenty-Four Scarves
  • Twenty Lollipop Paddles
  • Twelve Shuttlecocks
  • Twenty-Four Fleece Balls
  • One Hundred and Fourty-Four 9 Inch Balloons
  • Twelve 16 Inch Beach Balls
  • Sixteen Mesh Storage Bags