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Geoscience Invertebrate Fossil Demonstration Collection, Assorted, Set of 6

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Item #: 060-5758
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Your students will dig this fascinating set of real invertebrate fossil specimen, which are great for Earth Science and Geology labs or at-home rock and mineral collections.

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About This Item


Students paleontologists can get a hands-on perspective of earth science and the biological animal kingdom with the Geoscience Invertebrate and Plant Fossil Demonstration Collection. This genuine set of 6 large fossilized specimens includes an example of an Arthropoda (i.e., arachnids, crustaceans, insects), Brachiopod (a group of lophotrochozoan animals that have hard "valves" also known as shells on the upper and lower surfaces), Gastropoda (snails or slugs), Coelenterata (sea anemone, coral animals, true jellies, comb jellies, and more), Echinodermata (sea creatures with radial asymmetry like starfish, sea urchins, sand dollars and more) and Cephalopoda (clams, snails or squid) phyla. Each specimen also includes a 3 x 4 inch plastic display base and is numbered and labeled with a name/information sticker for easy identification, which also can be left off for your student archeologists to guess the names and types of invertebrates!

Invertebrates (cold-blooded animals that lack a backbone) make up approximately 95 to 97 percent of animal species. Invertebrates also are multi-cellular (with cells that have different responsibilities in keeping the animal alive), have no cell walls, and reproduce by 2 reproductive cells (or gametes) that come together to produce a new organism of their species. This assortment of invertebrate fossil specimens in this collection will enhance your fossil curriculum as well as excite your students as they identify and learn about various types of invertebrates.


  • This 6-piece fossil set provides students a hands-on look at real invertebrate specimen that goes beyond posters and textbooks
  • Assorted invertebrate fossils will help sharpen observation as students identify and note similarities and differences between an anthropod, brachiopod, gastropoda, coelenterata, echinodermata and cephalopoda phyla
  • Each rock comes with a durable plastic standing base with a name and number identification label for an organized display and help with learning each invertebrate type
  • Included large plastic storage case provides easy storage and transportation of the full fossil collection
  • Use this invertebrate fossil set alone or complement with the Vertebrate Fossil Demonstration Collection (Item # 060-5769, sold separately) for additional or enhanced fossil study in your science classroom or home
Invertebrate Fossil Collection Set Includes:
  • 6 Fossil Specimens Representing a Specific Phyla (Specific Biology Kingdom):
    • Arthropoda
    • Brachiopod
    • Gastropoda
    • Coelenterata
    • Echinodermata
    • Cephalopoda
  • 6 Plastic Display Bases (One for Each Fossil)
  • Identification Label Stickers (One for Each Fossil)
  • 1 Plastic Storage Bin
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Shipping Type: parcel
Free Shipping: true
Number Of Specimens: 6 Specimens
Maximum Age: 12 years
Certifications: Not Applicable
Grade Level: Not Specified
Safety: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
SUOM Description: Set of 6
Brand Name: Geoscience
Description: Invertebrate Set
Geoscience Invertebrate Fossil Demonstration Collection, Assorted, Set of 6