Delta Science Modules DNA: Genes to Proteins Teacher Guide for Delta Science Readers, Edition 3, Grades 6 to 8

Item #: 438-3260

Help your students read to succeed in science with this ready-made Teacher Guide, designed to provide helpful structure, learning suggestions, and assessment of a student’s understanding of concepts taught in the corresponding Delta Science Reader.

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This comprehensive 32-page, full-color teacher guide offers outstanding science support and easy-to-use literacy suggestions as students read their nonfiction Delta Science "DNA: Genes to Proteins" Student Reader (sold separately). Whether you’re a new educator or a seasoned one, this booklet will help you help your student(s) to develop their informational literacy skills (such as mastering the text features of headers, captions, illustrations, charts, and academic vocabulary) as well as the critical thinking skills required for science and STEM learning.

As the text and content in the Student Reader book becomes sequentially more complex from beginning to end, this Teacher Guide will provide the tools and steps to lead every student to: read for evidence; dig deep in the text for meaning; and activate a wide range of critical thinking skills such as inquiring, questioning, investigating, noting, analyzing, and proving. Plus, a Unit Test at the end will wrap up your lessons and quickly assess students’ understanding and to see if it meets at-level state testing and Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

  • This Teacher Guide is a must-have complement for helping your students get the most out of the "DNA: Genes to Proteins" Student Reader (sold separately)
  • The first section (Before Reading) includes the necessary background information to present to the students before they start using their corresponding Delta Science Modules Student Reader
  • The second section (Guide the Learning) provides a reading plan with questions and activities to accompany each section of the Reader book
  • The third and final section (Assess) details review and assessment methods, along with writing assignments to further topics covered in the Reader
  • Spotlight panel sections provide at-your-fingertips support for science, literacy, and meeting each individual student’s needs and to help them succeed at reading and science content on state tests
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