Delta Science Modules Weather and Sky Complete Kit, Edition 3, Grades K to 1

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Hands-on fun for everyone, Delta Science Modules (DSM) add up to 4 to 6 weeks of interactive science content to your curriculum. Choose from 59 DSM Kits divided by Grade (K-1, 2-3, 3-4, 5-6, or 6-8) in assorted Life, Earth, and Physical Science topics.

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Comprehensive, affordable and effective, Delta Science Modules Edition 3 (DSM-3) Kits provide an inquiry-based, hands-on approach to teaching a specific science topic through the use of activities and investigative equipment. Delta Science Module Weather and Sky Complete Kit will help your young class learn about what weather is and help them build a weather vocabulary of words and symbols. Using their senses and several weather tools, students will get to observe and measure 4 main weather factors: temperature, wind, clouds, and precipitation. They will record data on a weather calendar, which will help them recognize daily and seasonal weather changes and patterns. Students will find out how weather affects everyday life. Next, students will compare the daytime sky and the nighttime sky. They will trace shadows to discover that the Sun changes position in the sky through the course of a day, and they will model how Earth’s rotation causes day and night. Daytime observations will reveal that the Moon also appears to move across the sky. Finally, by keeping Moon Journals, students will conclude that the Moon’s apparent shape and position in the sky change in a pattern that repeats about once a month.

Along with the kit activities, the Weather and Sky Delta Science First Reader will get your students read and learn even more about weather (and explore the sky!). They will learn what weather is and how we observe, measure, and record its main features. They will also read about the 4 seasons and how seasonal weather changes affect living things. Students’ attention will then turn to the sky and what we see in the sky during the day and at night. Students will get to make a connection between their new weather knowledge and the world beyond school when they read about what a meteorologist does. Finally, they will extend their learning with an introduction to Moon phases.

Delta Science Modules Edition 3 (DSM-3) consist of a total of 59 assorted kits ranging from Grade K to 8 levels, each with a step-by-step teacher guide, student readers, 12-14 interconnected activities, and enough equipment to serve up to 32 students. Select kits also contain a pre-paid coupon for Living materials. Educators have the flexibility to have students follow the detailed activities that are provided, or customize their own curriculum plan with the equipment provided.

  • Delta Science Modules are all-inclusive comprehensive science kits ranging from Grade K to 8 that investigate key science topics through the powerful combination of hands-on activities and rich content-area reading
  • Comprehensive teacher guide provides background and key points for all 12 hands-on activities, as well as page-by-page suggestions, review questions, standards correlations, and writing links for use with Readers
  • Science Readers for students include informative, engaging full-color photos, text, and graphics that present key information and vocabulary about the science unit (Think About…), science careers or historical biographies (People in Science), and high-interest articles or selections (Did You Know?)
  • Each kit includes a thorough 3-part assessment and a Unit Test so you can accurately gauge your students' mastery of the concepts and key vocabulary
  • DSM-3 kits can support your current curriculum with the step-by-step hands-on investigations, or tools can be used to tailor your own science program to meet your various students' needs, topics of interest, and state and national standards
Science Module Complete Kit:
  • Equipment Kit for 32 Students with Twelve Hands-On Activities:
    • Observing Weather
    • What Can We See in the Sky?
    • The Sun Warms Earth
    • Wind
    • Clouds
    • Rain and Snow
    • Seasons
    • Living Things and Seasons
    • Sunshine and Shadows
    • The Sun Rises and Sets
    • The Moon Rises and Sets
    • Moon Phases
  • 1 Teacher Guide in Three-Ring Spiral Binder
  • 1 Readers Big Book: Weather and Sky
  • 8 Copies of Nonfiction "Weather and Sky" First Reader (16-20 Pages Each) for Grade K to 1

Delta Science Modules® - Grades K-8

  • Kits cover a variety of Science subjects to supplement and reinforce hands-on science and content area reading
  • Students learn valuable real-life knowledge that will provide a strong foundation for application in their adult lives
  • Each kit is ready-to-use right out of the box and includes almost everything needed to teach the unit

Big Ideas for Small Group Learning

Delta Science Modules are comprehensive science kits that investigate key science topics through the powerful combination of hands-on activities and content area reading. The kits make teaching science easy, affordable, and effective, and allow you the flexibility to tailor your own curriculum based on the standards and topics you want to cover. Each kit includes almost everything you need to teach the unit. Consumable items can be replenished with our economical refill kits, and Living Material order cards are included in every kit.

So Many Options!

  • Students learn better and will remember more of what they learn when they are actively engaged in the content
  • Each kit includes a three-part assessment and a Unit Test, so you can gauge your students' mastery of the concepts and vocabulary
  • Support your current curriculum with the hands-on investigations, or use the tools included in each Delta Science Module to handcraft your own science program that meets your standards

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