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TeacherGeek Grab Lab Activity Kits, Pack of 10

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Utilizes the design and engineering process for true innovation. Build once, tinker forever.

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About This Item


Have you ever seen a bird catch a worm or a chipmunk stuff their cheeks? How do they do it? Animals have evolved some pretty amazing Grabbers and tools over time. Now, kids can learn all about these animal adaptations by engineering and evolving their very own! They'll start by building a simple Grabber, then experiment with end effectors, test and redesign the Grabber, and finally use it to compete in challenges. Kids will use their Grabbers to catch a worm like a bird, grab nuts like a chipmunk, dig and sort like a coyote, and more! Grades K – 6 (different documents for different ages). Some adult assistance is helpful for 2nd-grade and below. TeacherGeek is not a toy; it’s way better! Kids love making real things, especially when they get to use age-appropriate tools. Kids will need a Phillips screwdriver to make their Grabbers.



• READY-TO-GO PACKS – just hand them out and get started: single packs + pre-divided 10-packs include printed guides and plenty of extra parts

• AMAZING EDITABLE CURRICULUM – award-winning, editable documents, videos, labs, challenges & more get kids designing, investigating, and competing in challenges

• STANDARDS ALIGNED – curriculum is teacher-designed and aligned to NGSS, CCSS, ITEEA, and state standards

• REAL ENGINEERING – kids actually design, test, redesign, and repeat; there’s no perfect design so kids are never done making

• REAL DATA – data so good kids can measure the effects of design changes, even using the data to complete optional science labs

• RECYCLING BIN INNOVATION – recycling bin + TeacherGeek = even more creativity


• 10 - Pre-divided Activity Packs

• 10 - Activity Guides

• 40 - Connector Strips

• 20 - 15 cm (6") Dowels

• 20 - 5 cm (2") Dowels

• 60 - #10 25 mm (1") Screws

• 40 - #10 Hex Nuts

• 20 - Perpendicular Blocks

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Grade Level: Early Childhood-Elementary
Safety: Caution Icon. CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
SUOM Description: Pack of 10
Brand Name: TeacherGeek
Description: Grab Lab
TeacherGeek Grab Lab Activity Kits, Pack of 10