MobileAid All Terrain Trauma First Aid Station, Red

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The MobileAid All Terrain Trauma First Aid Station is a portable 260-piece Trauma First Aid Station with extensive medical supplies that is ready to roll to any medical emergency... anywhere in your facility. Easily takes stairs and rolls over any terrain, inside or outside. Durable protection for supplies: super-durable, light-weight frame construction (supports up to 300 lbs.) and heavy-duty weather resistant bag safeguard contents
Quick-Response Pockets:(1) First Aid guide book(1) Writing tablet(1) Pen(1) Flexible emergency evacuation stretcher(1) Scissor utility shears 7-1/4"(1) CPR filtershield adult/child(1) Instruction and inventory sheet(1) Waterproof document pouch(1) First Aid flag and pole (extendable)(2) Face mask with eyeshield(2) Vinyl gloves (pairs)(2) Protective gown(2) Disposable incident blanket(2) Padded aluminum splints (24" x 4 1/4") foldedQuick- Response Module A - Protection, Instruments, Sanitation:(1) First Aid instruction chart(1) Bandage scissors 5 1/2"(1) Splinter forceps 4 1/2"(1) Kelley forceps 5 1/2"(1) Flashlight (penlight)(1) Hand sanitizer (4 oz)(1) Sunblock SPF 30+(4 oz)(1) Insect repellant (2 oz)(2) Emergency blankets(2) Vinyl gloves (pairs)(4) AA batteries(10) Instant towels in a tube(12) Bio-hazard bag(25) Aspirin (2 5-grain tablets)Quick-Response Module B - Wound Cleaning & Treatment:(1) Hydrogen peroxide solution (4 oz spray)(2) Sting & Bite swab(2) Eye wash 1 oz sterile(3) Vinyl Gloves (pairs)(3) Emergency water pouches (4oz)(10) Burn gel 0.9gm packets(10) Triple antibiotic packs 0.5gm(10) PVP iodine swabs 1/2cc each(10) Wound cleaner towelette(12) Cotton tip applicator 3"(14) Hydrocortisone 1% 1/8 oz foil packQuick-Reponse Module C - Wound Dressing and Bandaging:(1) Compress bandage 4" with telfa pad(1) Bloodstopper bandage(1) Triangular bandage 40" x 40" x 56" w/ safety pins(1) Waterproof adhesive tape 1" x 5 yards(2) Waterproof adhesive tape 1/2" x 5 yards(2) 2" x 6" gauze bandage(2) Co-Flex bandage 2" x 5 yards(4) Eye pads with adhesive strips(6) Non-adherent pad 2 x 3"(6) Gauze clean-wrap bandage 2"(8) Gauze pads 3" x 3" 12 ply(10) Plastic 2" x 3" patch bandage(10) Woven knuckle bandage(16) Bandage strip 1" x 3"(16) Butterfly closure (medium)Quick-Response Module D - Large Wound Dressing and Bandaging:(1) Bloodstopper bandage(1) Waterproof adhesive tape 1" x 5 yards(2) ABD combine pad 5" x 9"(2) Burn dressing gel-soaked 4" x 4"(2) Sterile gauze roll 4 1/2" x 4.1 yards(4) ABD pads 8" x 10" sterileQuick-Response Module E - Hydration & Cold Application:(3) Emergency water pouches (4oz)(4) Cold pack unit 5" x 6"