Mixed Media Sampler

Lesson Plan, Grades 1-12, Sax Lesson Plans, Art, Math, Science, Canson


Mixed Media is defined as "the using of more than one media". Students will create a Mixed Media sampler using Canson Mix Media paper as their base. The Canson Mix Media paper base will allow for exploration with both wet and dry media. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with different techniques and applications. The possible combinations of art mediums and applications are infinite.


  • Students will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experiment with a number of mediums and techniques.
  • Students will use their experiments and knowledge to create a sampler show casing their mixed media samples.

Supplies Needed

Canson® Mix Media Drawing Pad (More Sizes Available on saxarts.com)
Canson® Mix Media Drawing Pad - 9" x 12", 60 Sheets 1329702
Canson® Mix Media Bulk Pack Paper, 9" x 12", 100 Pack 1435467
Canson® Mix Media Bulk Pack Paper, 12" x 18", 100 Pack 1435468
Canson® Mi-Teintes® Drawing Sheets (More Assortments Available on saxarts.com)
Canson® Mi-Teintes® Drawing Sheets, Bright Assortment, 19" x 25", Pack of 10 443693
Chromacryl® Texture Paste, 8 oz. 402252
Sax® True Flow® Multi-Media Varnish, Gloss, Quart 403960
Lyra® Poly Crayons, Set of 12 1430637
Faber-Castell® Art Grip Colored Pencil Set of 12 409097
Faber-Castell® Beeswax Crayons Set of 24 1438850
Sakura® Pigma® Micron® Black Collection, Set of 16 1272521
Faber-Castell® Watercolor Connector Paint Set of 12 1438857
Playcolor® Water-Soluble Solid Tempera Sticks, Standard Size, Matte, Set of 12 1439038
Speedball® Ultimate Fabric Block Printing Kit 1439688
Lyra® Aquacolor Crayons Set of 12 1401841
Sharpie® Fine Permanent Markers, Black, Set of 12 077399
Plastic Sheets, 6" x 9", Pack of 10 401473


CONTENT Standard #1: Understanding and applying media, techniques and processes.
CONTENT Standard #2: Using knowledge of structures and functions.
CONTENT Standard #5: Reflecting upon and assessing the characteristics and merits of their work and work of others.



Show and discuss with students mixed media art work. Have student determine the different medium used in the examples. Discuss the different techniques or approaches used in each example.


Have students research the various mediums they will have access to for this project and share their findings with the class. This exercise will help students to understand the differences between mediums and how they will react when used together. In addition to the mediums available in the classroom students can bring in found objects to incorporate in their samples.


Students should pick an element or object that they will recreate with different media combinations.


Students should create six to nine different mixed media sample experiments.


Once the student has complete his sample experiments he should cut them into uniform sizes to create his sampler. Students will assemble final samples on a piece of mat board.


Students should present their sampler to the class and discuss the various mediums and techniques used in each sample.


Students can use their scraps to create a group assemblage or sampler.