Mixed Acrylic Abstracts

Lesson Plan, Grades 9-12, Art History, Art, Painting


Lesson Plan and Artwork by Joe Culotta

With the development of the paint markers, acrylic spray paint, soft and heavy body acrylics, a wide new range of possibilities has opened up for the creative artist. The use of these new 21st century products adds to the new generation of acrylic painting.


  • Students will understand the terms: Positive Space and Negative Space to develop a painting.
  • Students will understand the use of color in planning for a painting, utilizing paints and paint markers.
  • Students will utilize the technique of layering.

Supplies Needed

Liquitex® Professional Paint Marker™ Wide, Set of 6 1485665
Liquitex® Professional Paint Marker™ Fine, Set of 6 1485666
KolorFast® Designer Craft Tissue Assortment, Pack of 50 214944
Liquitex® Soft Body Acrylics, Set of 6 1428975
Liquitex® Professional Acrylic Ink, Essential Set of 6 1398008
Liquitex® Professional Acrylic Ink, Metallic Set of 6 1398009
Liquitex® Gloss Gel Medium, Gallon 437486

Liquitex® Professional Spray Paint™
Brilliant Blue, 13.5 oz 1436643
Cad Yellow Light Hue, 13.5 oz 1436651
Cad Red Medium Hue, 13.5 oz 1436650
Green Deep Permanent, 13.5 oz 1436664

Liquitex® Heavy Body Acrylic Paint
Cadmium Red Light Hue, 4.65 oz 1444331
Cadmium Yellow Light Hue, 4.65 oz 1444329
Cerulean Blue, 4.65 oz 404107
Ivory Black, 4.65 oz 403855
Titanium White, 4.65 oz 389684

Sax® Quality Stretched Canvas
11" x 14" 409742
16" x 20" 409745

*Here are the supplies needed for this lesson plan for reference. Find a convenient carousel of shoppable products for this lesson below.


CONTENT Standard #1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
CONTENT Standard #2: Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
CONTENT Standard #3: Define and complete artistic work.
CONTENT Standard #5: Develop and refine artistic work for presentation.



Students will research painting in terms of form, color and texture. They will prepare a rough sketch of their design.


Using paint markers, students will draw their designs on canvas.


Students will then continue their painting using a variety of acrylic application techniques including Spray Paint, Soft Body Acrylics, and Heavy Body Acrylics.


Materials such as paper or colored tissue can be added to enhance the overall design.


After the painting is completed, students should apply a final coat of gloss gel medium to produce textures, glazes, and impasto effects. (Gloss Gel does not change the hue.)