Seating Chart

Activity, Grades 6-8, Classroom Management, Post-it


Create a seating chart template using Post-it® Page Markers.

Supplies Needed

5 pack 3x3 Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 086844
Post-it® Big Pad in blue 22x22 1452579



Set up a seating chart for your classroom by using the table function in a word processing document. Set up the number of rows and cells representing individual desks within your classroom. Save your document and print out your template.


Trim the size of the Post-it® Page Markers as necessary, and place them on your printed chart. Write the names of your students on each Post-it® Page Marker. If your classes rotate throughout the day, consider color-coding each period.


Place the Post-it® Page Markers on the template according to your seating chart and move students around as needed.