Giving Tree

Activity, Grades , Classroom Management, Post-it


Instill the values of caring and service. Create a Giving Tree using Post-it® Super Sticky Notes.

Supplies Needed

Green 3x3 Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 1272312



Lead a discussion on why it is important to be involved in the community - for example, not littering, assisting those less fortunate, etc. - and how this begins at home and school.


Put art of a large tree on the wall made out of brown construction paper. Then, present a list of ideas of activities. Request each student tries one activity each week.


After completing the activity, have the students describe their experience on a Post-it® Note, initial it, and place it on the tree.


Read each note and place a star on each one to show your students you've read it. It's a nice touch to write a comment, or give praise and encouragement on the back of the Post-it® Note.


Gather the Post-it® Notes and clear the tree each time you assign the choice of a new activity. Keep a list of the activities each student has tried so they're encouraged to branch out.


When the lesson draws to a close, hold a discussion about what the students have accomplished and learned throughout the process.