Ghost Necklace

Activity, Grades K-12, Fall/Autumn, Halloween, Seasonal, Pacon, School Smart


A simple arts and crafts project designed to help create some Halloween fun.

Supplies Needed

Pacon® SunWorks® Construction Paper 336373
Pacon® Trait-tex®, Heavy Rug Yarn 402616
School Smart® 1/4” Hole Punch 034923
School Smart® Black Marker 085037
School Smart® Scissors 085007
School Smart® Tape 1354239

Things You May Also Need:
Printer to print out pattern



Copy the Ghost Necklace Pattern onto Pacon® SunWorks® Construction Paper.


Cut each ghost out and punch 1/4” holes where indicated on pattern.


With a black marker draw eyes and mouth on each ghost.


Cut 30” of Pacon® Trait-tex®, Heavy Rug Yarn. Thread yarn through holes punched at the top of each ghost (Special note: to make it easier to thread the yarn through the holes wrap a small piece of tape around the end of the yarn). Center all three ghosts in the middle of the yarn. If you used tape cut it off and tie necklace off at the ends.