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At Dixon Ticonderoga Company, we produce the world’s best pencils, the finest art papers, premium art supplies, and more… to give everyone the tools and confidence to put pencil to paper, make that first brush stroke, or share their ideas.

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The Foundation of Creativity

Celebrated throughout the world for its exclusive graphite core and satin-smooth finish, Ticonderoga® pencils continue to inspire innovation and yield quality products. Sharpen your mind and ideas with iconic Ticonderoga® products.

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Inspiring Creative Expression

Prang® is committed to the belief that self-expression through art is vital. We support fostering creativity through high-quality, child-safe art products that deliver an unparalleled experience.

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Create a Space for Joy

Fadeless® Bulletin Board Paper and Designs have been a top choice of teachers for over 50 years! It features bold colors and trending designs, and it is acid-free and is resistant to fading so your creations will stand the test of time.

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Every Child’s Art Deserves to Shine

Teachers trust Tru-Ray® because it’s available in a variety of vivid colors and is tough enough to take scoring, folding, and curling without cracking and tearing. And, because it’s acid-free sulphite paper, it resists fading and keeps projects brighter and fresher longer.

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The Foundation of Creativity

UCreate® art papers and boards are the perfect solution for beginning to intermediate students and artists. These versatile papers come in a wide selection of paper types and formats, sizes, and colors. UCreate papers are the ideal foundation for artists to turn their vision into reality.

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Where Fun and Imagination Meet

Creativity Street® is a collection of fun and exciting arts and crafts items that let children explore and use their imaginations to their fullest potential! From group projects to individual creations, we have everything needed to make ideas come to life. Creativity Street® truly is Where Fun and Imagination Meet™.

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