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Delta Science Readers Flight & Rocketry Collection


In the Delta Science Reader Flight and Rocketry, students read about the two types of flight—gliding flight and true flight. They learn about both lighter-than-air flight and heavier-than-air flight and about different types of flying machines, from parachutes and airships to jets and spacecraft. They find out about the forces at work in flight and how Bernoulli's principle explains lift. They are also introduced to the Wright brothers, who made the airplane that flew the first powered, controlled flight. Finally, students learn about milestones in the history of flight.

Delta Science Readers are 16-page nonfiction books for students with informative, engaging full-color photos and graphics that present key science concepts and vocabulary.

Using science material they promote reading in the specific content area. Readers present key science content and vocabulary found on most state tests and support and extend the experiences and content of hands-on activities. They also help students develop informational literacy skills while promoting scientific inquiry.

Each reader has three main sections:

  1. Think About...
    Contains key information about the unit topic
  2. People in Science
    Provides historical biographies, careers in science
  3. Did You Know?
    Includes high-interest articles or selections


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