Important Shipping Information

We appreciate your continued support during these rapidly changing times, we are working diligently to fulfil the orders you are placing with us.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that many of you are not at your schools or places of business to receive deliveries.

All orders are now shipping normally from our warehouses. If for any reason you need to request a shipping hold or modify shipment information, please fill out the Special Shipping Instructions form.

Tips for Receiving Deliveries at your School or Business

  • We can't ask UPS to deliver at a specific time ... but you can! If you coordinate your shipping exceptions directly with UPS, we can ship your order immediately. Visit
  • Schools are classified as "businesses" and as such, UPS will NOT leave the packages on your doorstep as they do with packages to your home address.
  • Prior to the shipment leaving School Specialty, each school should call their local UPS Customer Center to alert UPS of their hours and days when someone is in the office to receive packages. Letting UPS know that you are OPEN is critical because UPS sometimes makes assumptions that schools are closed.
  • You can find your UPS Customer Center by going to Call the UPS Customer Center and let them know your location name and address. You should also give them a contact name and phone number if they need to contact you about future deliveries.
  • If your location has limited hours or a different door from the normal delivery location that you want the package delivered to, please place a large, clear note on the door with your hours and days of operation. If you want the UPS driver to deliver to another door at your building, please make sure that this is clearly noted. Lastly, the later into the day that your location can receive packages the better.
  • After the packages are in transit, the best option becomes UPS My Choice. Each school should set up a user account with UPS My Choice on the website and specify delivery expectations with the specific tracking numbers
  • UPS’s standard procedure is to make three delivery attempts on consecutive days. When they make an attempt, they should be leaving a delivery notice tag with the tracking number of the package(s) they attempted to deliver.