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Recipe For Reading Workbook K for Reading Intervention & Phonics

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Help young students become confident readers with this phonics and reading intervention workbook. Part of the Recipe For Reading program, this series with a total of 8 workbooks targets struggling readers but is useful for all students.

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Recipe For Reading Comprehensive Multisensory Reading Program, Workbook K is a reading program that presents a skill sequence and lesson structure designed for beginning, at-risk, or struggling readers. Workbook K is intended for children who need more phonemic awareness support before proceeding further in the series. The 25 lessons provides a child-friendly introduction to the initial consonants and short vowels through auditory, visual, and kinesthetic activities. Excellent for in-class or at-home learning.
  • Students who progress through this workbook will learn consonant sounds, digraphs, consonant blends, diphthongs, short/long vowels, inflectional endings, suffixes, and spelling rules
  • Each lesson features 5 or 6 pages of activities to giving children ample opportunity for practice
  • Pen-to-paper exercises incorporate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques and are ideal for differentiated instruction
  • Engaging mnemonics help students understand and remember letter-sound relationships and letter shapes
  • As lessons progress in the workbook, students will also practice blending sounds to make words
  • Phonics and reading intervention workbook is an excellent educational supplement for beginner readers, students with dyslexia or other special needs, or those who struggle to read
  • 1 Phonics & Reading Intervention Workbook for Students

Recipe for Reading®

  • Students gain essential reading skills with an emphasis on phonological awareness, phonics, and fluency
  • Builds decoding and fluency skills in context as they read engaging stories at their own skill level
  • Struggling learners are better able to retain new concepts through multisensory instruction

Intervention Strategies for Struggling Readers

Recipe for Reading is a research-based, comprehensive, multisensory, phonics-based reading program that is designed for beginning readers in grades K through 3 or at-risk and struggling readers in grades 1 through 6. This systematic program incorporates visual, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques to teach and continually reinforce phonetic concepts. The Recipe for Reading curriculum is ideal for differentiated instruction in a variety of settings—inclusion, one-on-one, or whole class.

Teacher Benefits

  • Provides direct, multisensory instruction integrating visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modalities
  • Research-based instruction supports all five essential pillars of Reading First (phonological awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency)
  • Accompanying storybooks contain controlled vocabulary and follow the Recipe for Reading sequence, allowing students to apply phonics skills in context
  • Teacher’s manual provides detailed lessons for every phonetic skill in a carefully structured scope and sequence

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