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Sitton Spelling Top 100 Words Charts, Set of 5

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Get your students to spell (and utilize) the top 100 high-use writing words with these handy charts.

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Your source for the top 100 high-use writing words (Core Words 1 to 100 of the Sitton Spelling Program)! Frequent writing provides a solid foundation for spelling (which is why spelling helps with writing, and writing helps with spelling). The perfect practice resource, these handy 18 x 24 inch charts neatly feature the 100 top-used words (Core Words 1 to 100). All of the words are listed in vertical rows in alphabetical order, with words ranging from nouns to verbs to prepositions and everything in between. Set of 5 charts provide versatile use around the classroom and can be used for both spelling or writing-emphasized activities, whether for modeling or assessing the list after an activity. These word charts are best used with the Sitton Spelling and Word Skills program aids like the teacher Sourcebook and student Practice Books (which range from Grade K to 6).

With spelling instruction that transfers to everyday writing, Sitton Spelling and Word Skills includes unique elements that work together to provide students with the spelling, language, and word skills that help them become better writers.
  • Five copies of the top 100 most used words in writing charts provide abundant opportunities to use with spelling, grammar, and writing curriculum for Grades K to 6
  • These charts are best used for additional reinforcement with the Sitton Spelling program (grade-specific Practice Books, Sourcebook, Posters, and more)
  • Use these charts for spelling tests, handwriting practice, or writing comprehension practice and beyond for class time, at-home learning, and beyond
  • 5 Copies of the Same One-Hundred Top Writing Words Chart

Sitton Spelling and Word Skills®

  • Teaches and enhances knowledge of spelling rules, spelling patterns, and grammar
  • Grasp of word roots and endings sets a solid foundation for reading and writing mastery
  • Students learn to apply word and language concepts in their writing
  • Provides young readers with assessment confidence

Spelling, Grammar, and Word Skills Program for Strategic Writing

Sitton Spelling and Word Skills provides a tested progression of materials that enable students to build visual, spelling, and language mastery while encouraging valuable skills like proofreading and assessment readiness. The program has an embedded school to home connection with many easy to follow Take-Home Tasks and useful Parent Letters.

Student and Teacher Benefits

  • Students’ active learning of spelling skills and concepts for long term learning and application to many more words
  • Formative assessment to guide instruction and identify words students have not yet mastered
  • Automatic follow-up testing to assess mastery
  • A set core curriculum with opportunities to adapt instruction through teacher choice and optional extension activities
  • Multiple, varied activities for each concept, flexible instructional formats, recycling of skills and concepts, and individualized spelling lists with minimal teacher effort

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