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AMACO High Fire Moist Non-Toxic Stoneware Clay, 25 lb, White 38-M

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AMACO Hi-Fire White 38-M Stoneware Clay is talc-free, Non-Toxic and ideal for slab and hand modeling. 25 lb Clay that is specially formulated for plasticity, whiteness and body contains no grog yet it is strong enough for throwing large pieces. Non-Toxic clay that is peppered with dark gray spots has a recommended glaze firing temperature at Cone 10, the bisque fires white in oxidation and gray in reduction. The firing range is from Cone 5 - Cone 10.
  • White stoneware clay that has some characteristics of porcelain
  • Formulated from choice clays for plasticity and whiteness, plus fire-clay to give it more body
  • Excellent clay for throwing, slab rolling, and hand modeling
  • AP non-toxic moist formula