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Social Studies Skills Coach Collection

Social Studies Skills Coach provides in-depth, comprehensive instruction and practice in analysis, interpretation, identification, and generalization—key areas found on the history, geography, civics, and economics portions of standardized state tests. Clear, concise lesson and practice questions focus on interpreting graphs, primary and secondary sources, maps, timelines, documents, cartoons, drawings, and photographs.
  • Social Studies Skill Coach student text includes coverage of key social studies skills on a lesson-by-lesson basis
  • High-interest texts begin with a review of the language arts skills essential to successful test-taking
  • Strategies for tackling both multiple-choice and open-ended questions follow
  • Charts, maps, and diagrams track student progress while review after each unit reinforces important concepts
  • Two Practice Tests that can be used as a diagnostic Pretest and a practice Posttest round out the Student Edition
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