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Sitton Spelling Grade 6 Collection

Sitton Spelling and Word Skills teaches spelling within the context of a total-word skills curriculum. The program provides creative instruction and active learning for spelling, language, and word skills designed to help students become better writers. Every unit features sections such as Building Word Skills, Building Literacy Skills, Extending Vocabulary and Background Knowledge, and more and also provides several take-home tasks and parent letters that are perfect for solidifying the home-school connection.

  • Spelling instruction is designed to transfer to everyday writing
  • Students will improve their knowledge of spelling rules, spelling patterns, and rules
  • The Sourcebook contains all that educators need for spelling and word skill instruction, including blackline masters and flexible instructional formats
  • Practice Books contain activities that extend practice, provide proofreading and word exploration, and correlate to selected Sourcebook unit activities
  • Program users have achieved on average over two Grade Level Equivalents (GLE) on the WJIII Spelling Subscale
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