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Right into Reading provides a solid foundation in basic sounds and a wide variety of readings for beginning readers or older students who are having difficulty learning to read. Carefully sequenced phonics skills are presented in smaller lessons to facilitate success and growth. Genres include adventure, mystery, folktales, legends, and historical and science fiction.
  • Exercises help students develop reading comprehension and vocabulary while introducing phonics skills and reinforcing phonological awareness
  • Students practice writing uppercase and lowercase letters in each lesson
  • Skills addressed include b, m, h, f, t, a and the sight words as, has, is, his, and the; p, l, r, n, d, i and the sight word I; s, c, j, g, k, o and the sight words of, to, no, and come; w, q, z, v, x, y, and u and the sight words you and some; e with all consonants and other vowels
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