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Reasoning & Reading Complete Collection

The Reasoning & Reading series for Grades 3-8 is based on the belief that reasoning, language, and reading comprehension are essential, interdependent skills. The series carefully combines reading exercises with language-based reasoning activities and includes regular writing exercises to provide students with opportunities to practice and demonstrate their developing language and reasoning abilities.

  • Reasoning & Reading workbooks are designed to help students understand and evaluate what they read, focusing on 4 essential language and thinking skills
  • Units on word meaning concentrate on the meanings of words and the relationships between them with exercises on opposites, analogies, classification, and more
  • Units on sentence meaning stress the importance of relationships between sentence parts with exercises in cause and effect, chronology, comparison, and more
  • Units on paragraph meaning stress the importance of the main idea and unity of the paragraph with exercises on topic sentence, example sentences, and signal words
  • Units on reasoning skill help students develop sophisticated language skills through analytical and reasoning exercises on syllogisms, deductive reasoning, and comprehension passages
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