Building it Better Together. You + Premier.

More Control with the NEW Premier Planner Builder.

With the Premier Planner Builder you can see exactly what you are getting in your planner - from the front cover, to handbook pages, page design, and enhancements. You will have more control over what’s inside and how it looks*. And of course, you can choose to call us at 1-800-221-1165 and we will help you build it step by step.

More Confidence with NEW Instant Previews and Editing

Now, you can change covers, colors, fonts, logos, and see everything right on screen, updated as you change them. Play with a fresh new look, discover new cover options with a click and make unlimited edits until you get it just right. Then, you can download a full preview to approve every page before it goes to print*. It’s all easy to use and, frankly, more than a little fun!

Want a hand to help create what you need? We’re here - just call us at 1-800-221-1165 and we can easily custom build your planner for you.

More Choice with NEW Quick-Pick Packages

We’ve bundled together our most popular planners into 4 new Student Planner Packages. They make it even faster for you to find a planner, choose your cover, upgrade with an enhancement, and add your handbook pages*. Don’t see what you are looking for? Call 1-800-221-1165 and we can build a package just for you.

We’re Just Getting Started!

At Premier, making planners that make better students is our calling. Making planners easier to order is our business. And simplifying that order experience is just our first step. We’re working on even more innovations to save you time and give you more control over your budgets. It’s going to be an amazing year - stay tuned!

* Orders using a district contract with Premier are limited to the terms and conditions of the contract and may not be available in a package. Call Customer Care directly at 1-800-221-1165 for assistance w ith contract orders.