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OPCOM O2 Light Succulents Garden Hydroponic System

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OPCOM O₂ Garden is the first succulent table garden with a reading light on the market, including a patented designed Oxygen-Circulating, Auto-Growing system. It provides a healthy environment for your home, office, restaurant, school, etc. OPCOM O₂ Light DFT (Deep Flowing Technology) Hydroponics technology includes a preset watering /Lighting time control. Grow Succulents or a table-top micro-landscape garden. These are the best air refreshing plants in the world grown right on your tabletop. The patented designed height-adjustable LED Arm has 360 degrees of rotary freedom and two reading light modes to offer you the best reading condition. OPCOM O₂ Light Succulent Garden has an affordable price to meet everyone’s budget, making the perfect gift for the health-conscious friends and family.
  • Smart Light - The automatic Day/Night light source control system saves energy and can be set to match with sunrise and sunset
  • Spectrum switch - It is a functional reading light, and it can also be set to the ideal spectrum for fern, flowers, and succulents
  • O2 Bar - Built-in oxygen circulation fan, working with ferns, flowers, fleshy plants help to absorb heavy metal pollution in the air, PM2.5 and CO2; and produce oxygen and negative ions, thoroughly purifying the air
  • Table Forest - The entire garden area is equivalent to the oxygen production of three trees
  • Auto and Reading Light Switch - 2 step brightness for growing the plants and reading
  • Freely Adjustable Lamp Arm - Patent design rotary light has 360° adjustability to provide the best lighting angle for your reading
  • Deep hydroponic (DFT) suitable for nurturing the growth of flowers and bryophytes
  • Perfect option for teaching Hydroponics for STEM/STEAM learning Pre-K/Kindergarten (with adult supervision) through 12th grade
  • Product
  • Innter Tray x1pc
  • Wather Lever Gauge x1pc
  • Cleaning Sponge x1pc
  • Planting Tray & Cloth x1pc
  • Adapter x1pc
  • Absorbent Cloth x15pcs
  • Planting Tray Cloth x2pcs
  • Water Spray Bottle x1pc
  • Bug Away 0.6g x3pcs