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More Words I Use When I Write Grades 3 to 4 Collection

These personal dictionaries provide useful words for students that help strengthen spelling, alphabetizing, vocabulary, reading, and writing skills. Building on an initial high-frequency word list, students can add new words they’ve chosen themselves, as well as those suggested by the teacher. The journal format of these books facilitates differentiated instruction by enabling students at different levels to compile meaningful and appropriate words using the same books.

  • More Words I Use When I Write for Grades 3-4 features more than 1,100 high-frequency words appropriate for intermediate students
  • Pages for days of the week, months of the year, 50 states, numbers, contractions, classmates, friends, and family are included
  • Extra pages of blank lines are included to support a growing vocabulary
  • Spelling dictionary books can be used for a writer's workshop model, independent practice, and virtually any curriculum or content-area project
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