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Sitton Spelling Student Practice Books, Grade 5, Set of 5

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Turn Grade 5 learners into A+ spellers with this practice workbook! Rather than focusing on spelling rules, the Sitton Spelling & Word Skills program takes on a whole-word approach to spelling through the use of common core words and long-term mastery.

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Help your students master spelling (along with capitalization, grammar, usage, mechanics, punctuation, and more) with the Sitton Spelling & Word Practice program. A vital part of the program, this set of consumable student books for Grade 5 extend practice, proofreading, and word exploration for every teacher’s Sourcebook unit (Sourcebook for Grade 5 sold separately).

Each Sourcebook unit is divided into two parts. In the first part titled “Build Skills and Word Experiences”, activities focus on general word skills that can be applied to all words. Students learn to visualize words, to collect and analyze them, and make inferences about how to construct more words through the addition of affixes. As they interact with hundreds of words, their thinking about words evolves in exciting, insightful ways.

In the second part of the workbook titled “Assess Words and Skills”, specific words are the focus. Students take a Cloze Story Word Test to determine which words they can and cannot spell from among all the high-use writing words previously introduced in the program. Students do not pre-study these words; they do not know exactly which words will be tested to ensure long-term mastery is assessed (and not just the short-term memorization of words studied just for the test). Words that students misspell are targeted for study and automatically recycled for retesting and ongoing practice in subsequent units. Answer Key is available; sold separately.
  • Grade 5 learners will master spelling, language, and word skills (like vocabulary, phonics, and more) with Sitton Spelling consumable workbooks designed to help students become better writers
  • Each Practice Book unit offers an in-depth opportunity for proofreading practice (spelling, capitalization, grammar, usage, mechanics, and punctuation)
  • Workbook exercises are designed to help each student with vowel sounds, editing, completing sentences, and more
  • Each book contains brief one- or two-sentence instructions and must be used with the Sitton Spelling Grade 5 Sourcebook (sold separately)
  • Set of 5 identical copies of this Sitton Spelling Practice Book are aligned to the Common Core Standard and are an excellent spelling and writing resource for classrooms, co-ops, homeschooling, and more
  • 5 Copies of Spelling Workbook for Grade 5 Students

Sitton Spelling and Word Skills®

  • Teaches and enhances knowledge of spelling rules, spelling patterns, and grammar
  • Grasp of word roots and endings sets a solid foundation for reading and writing mastery
  • Students learn to apply word and language concepts in their writing
  • Provides young readers with assessment confidence

Spelling, Grammar, and Word Skills Program for Strategic Writing

Sitton Spelling and Word Skills provides a tested progression of materials that enable students to build visual, spelling, and language mastery while encouraging valuable skills like proofreading and assessment readiness. The program has an embedded school to home connection with many easy to follow Take-Home Tasks and useful Parent Letters.

Student and Teacher Benefits

  • Students’ active learning of spelling skills and concepts for long term learning and application to many more words
  • Formative assessment to guide instruction and identify words students have not yet mastered
  • Automatic follow-up testing to assess mastery
  • A set core curriculum with opportunities to adapt instruction through teacher choice and optional extension activities
  • Multiple, varied activities for each concept, flexible instructional formats, recycling of skills and concepts, and individualized spelling lists with minimal teacher effort

For More Information

  • Contact a sales consultant for more information on how you can best utilize this program in your school or district. Our sales consultants are your resource for product presentations, workshops, and product review samples.