Executive Functions Skill-Building Program

Train the Brain for Academic Success.

This neuroscience, research-based program strives to improve students' academic performance by encouraging the development of executive functions - the ability to plan, strategically solve problems, self-regulate behavior, make decisions, pay attention, monitor and evaluate performance, and manage time. These skills are controlled by the frontal lobe of the brain just behind the forehead. Teaching and reinforcing executive function skills helps students build organizational and time-management proficiencies for life.

Benefits: Take a Closer Look

  • Response to Intervention: Daily Reinforcement of Valuable Research
    This program incorporates Rush's compiled research into easy-to-implement classroom activities and lessons, which have been successfully used in intervention programs.

  • Helps students navigate learning.
    Executive functions are essential to a student's ability to function in an academic setting. This program introduces concepts and prepares students for school readiness, because students develop skills to be more effective and efficient learners.

  • Homework completion rate increases.
    As students gain deeper self-regulation and time-management skills, they are able to accomplish more tasks.

  • Students perform better on standardized tests.
    Students experience dramatic improvement in cognitive skills - mental processes of perception, memory, judgment and reasoning, for example - which leads to more attentive students who are engaged in the classroom. Better attention and focus, as well as better recall of information, means grades, comprehension and test results improve.

  • 21st century skills acquisition leads to more success later in life.
    Executive function skills are essential to the real world. Problem-solving, strategic thinking, and the ability to respond socially and cognitively are all refined and practiced. These are skills that help position a student for success. This is a ready-to-implement, researched program that has been successfully used in intervention programs.

What's Included

Executive Functions Teacher Curriculum Notebook:
Each unit consists of a two-page overview, assessment tools, student resources, teacher resources and lesson plans. The comprehensive scope and sequence allows educators to help students build on previously taught skills.
Elementary Scope & Sequence
Middle School Scope & Sequence
High School Scope & Sequence

Executive Functions Student Guides:
Following a standard format as the teacher notebook, the student guides include worksheets and self-assessments.

A partnership based on neuroscience research.

A new partnership between School Specialty and Rush NeuroBehavioral Center provides the only neuroscience, research-based curriculum that strives to improve academic performance by encouraging the development of executive function. Rush NeuroBehavioral Center (RNBC) serves the medical, psychological and educational needs of children with neurobehavioral issues with a special emphasis on social-emotional learning impairments. It provides the best care to children, teens, and young adults who have difficulty forming relationships, regulating behavior, or functioning effectively because of differences in the way their brains process information. Using research, clinical practice, and education, RNBC strives to help individuals achieve their full potential.