Social and Emotional Learning with Circle of Education®

Circle of Education® - A Social Emotional Wellness and Learning Readiness Program

A child isn't ready to learn if they don't feel safe and secure. The Circle of Education® is a research and evidence-based program that focuses on five key areas in early childhood development: Social and Emotional Wellness, Academic Development, Family Engagement, Learning Readiness, and Behavioral Health and Early Intervention.

With a multi-sensory approach to learning, children are engaged through music, educational animation, and digital technologies for comprehensive social and emotional experiences. The program’s flexibility allows teachers to choose activities based on students’ needs and integrate social and emotional wellness themes throughout all content areas.

Circle of Education® is designated as a CASEL SELect program for use with children birth to eight years old.

Research and Evidence-Based Program

The Circle of Education® program is based on the latest neuroscience and child development research in these key areas:

  • Attachment and the importance of relationship-based interactions 
  • Music and brain development 
  • Parent engagement 
  • Social and emotional foundations of learning readiness 
  • Importance of play 
  • Role of technology and educational animation in the learning process

The Circle of Education® program has been demonstrated to:

  • Increase Positive Social Behavior
  • Reduce Conflict Problems
  • Reduce Emotional Distress

About the Author

The Circle of Education® program was developed by Shulamit Ritblatt, PhD, a leading expert in early childhood social and emotional development, learning readiness and mental health. Dr. Ritblatt is Professor and Past Chair (2009 - 2015) of Child and Family Development at San Diego State University, and has authored numerous academic publications and children’s books.